About us

Let us help you with your connectivity and data problems

Driven by our passion for technology, our purpose is to help companies collect and process data even where conditions or the location make it impossible today.

We strongly believe that nowadays data is key competitive advantage for companies. However, research shows that for 10% of assets globally data collection is near impossible, creating blind spots for these industry players.

At KUUB3, we have the expertise and access to technology to create solutions enable such companies get hold of the missing data.

Innovation strategy

Over 30 years of combined experience in innovation strategy

Space technologies

12 years experience in space technologies

Satellite IoT

Over 5 years experience in sat-iot  (Internet of Things over satellite)

Why are we unique

We have a unique combination of experience, expertise, technology and partners that make us most suitable for solving your connectivity problems

Access to technology

Access to supporting technologies to build your solutions

Awesome team

Experienced team players with international experience in top consulting firms and industry

Industry recognition

Industry and eco-system recognition – supported by  imec.istart

Our Team

Experienced team players with international experience in top consulting firms and industry

Hans de With

Founder and CEO

Technology enthusiast with 12+ years experience in space technologies and how they can create value for traditional, earthly businesses. Started out as an ICT application developer and project manager, enjoyed an MBA at INSEAD and joined Boston Consulting Group after that.

Ioan Carpus

Strategy and Innovation

Strategy and innovation expert with 12 years experience across Asia, Europe and Africa in technology, aerospace and automotive. Started my career in web development, added an MBA from INSEAD and a Certification in Blue Ocean Strategy from W. Chan Kim, world’s top global thinker.

Demetris Clerides


An automation and high tech enthusiast with over 20 years of experience in the engineering software and technology sector in a variety of leadership roles across Europe and Asia/Pacific. An MBA graduate from INSEAD and PhD from Imperial College London.

Aurelie Aladel

Marketing and Communication

Communication professional with experience in event organisation and brand building, gained in the Paris fashion world.

Jan van den Broek


25+ years commercial experience in the maritime sector as an account manager