Traxens-Net business introducers

During the ETSI IoT week (Oct 21-25, Sophia Antipolis, FR), Traxens launched TRAXENS-NET (now LUWAN – Long term Use of Wireless Adaptive Network). It enables end-devices to share their connectivity and energy resources and to cooperate to deliver their data to the cloud using a permanent gateway or another end-device acting as a temporary gateway.

Traxens-Net business introducers

This technology allows to:

  • extend the network coverage thanks to 2km line-of- sight communication range and multi-hop capabilities (up to 9 hops)
  • extend the battery lifetime by minimizing the number of cellular connections thanks to the election scheme and the clustering mechanism

KUUB3 has been the selected as business introducer for LUWAN the UK, the Netherlands and Belgium.

Please find the presentation here.

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