Customised solutions

With access to the right technology and partners, we create customised solutions for your specific communication needs

LoRa Base Station

LoRa Base Station

Low cost, easy to use connectivity solution that integrates a LoRaWAN™ gateway and a satellite modem with an antenna.

Traxens-Net business introducers

LUWAN business introducers

LUWAN is estimated to cut down the communication cost for IoT solutions by a factor of 5. Any business in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands or Belgium can contact us for setting up a pilot project.

IoT tracker

IoT for Track and Trace

kuub3 distributes the very simple, yet powerfull, Accent Systems IoT tracker. Stick this IoT tracker to your car, van or power tools, and will be able to see where it is, where it has been, in what temperature it is operating and how much battery the tracker has left.