Very simple, yet powerful IoT tracker.

You stick this Internet of Things (IoT) tracker to your car, van or power tools, and will be able to see where it is, where it has been, in what temperature it is operating and how much battery the tracker has left.

The perfect IoT solution to track assets with promptness, effectivity and competitive prices.

Build to last

Built to last 3 years, the 3 AA batteries can be replace easily to ensure business continuity. Data transmission is configured as you need it – for example every 24 hours when the asset is not moving, but every 5 minutes when it moves.

Intuitive mapping application

An intuitive mapping application allows you to visualise the data, as well as export in an excel file in case you need full the details.

Affordable pricing

Pricing starts at 100 euro for the tracker, 10 euro/month for the data. Contact us for a personalised offer.