LoRa Base Station
What is LoRa Base Station?

The LoRa Base Station is a low cost, easy to use connectivity solution that integrates a LoRaWAN™ gateway and a satellite modem with an antenna.

What does the LoRa Base Station do?

LoRa Base Station allows to capture business-critical data via sensors. A private, secure LoRa™ network on your land collects them, and then connects it to the internet over satellite to ensure coverage in remote locations where cellular networks are not present. The LoRa Base Station enables you to deploy up to one thousand LoRaWAN™-based sensors (depending on the number of daily messages required) within 10km range of the gateway.

Our value proposition

Low cost, easy to use connectivity solution

Cost-effective connectivity, everywhere on the planet

Secure, private LoRa network

ease to use

Convenient – end-to-end solution

Reliable connectivity

Effective coverage, adapted to your needs

Potential applications

Connecting assets in remote areas or harsh conditions

Oil and gas

Satellite IoT could help oil and gas companies increase their profitability by reducing their NPT (non-productive time). 



Internet of Things contributes tremendously to increasing the speed and efficiency of delivering fresh and high-quality food. 


Collecting data in real time helps ensuring the safety of people, productivity and cost optimization and protecting the environment. 


Our mission is to create affordable connectivity solutions adapted to your specific needs. Prices will depend on volumes of base stations ordered and of message size/frequency.