Satellite IoT solutions for the agricultural sector 

With a fast-growing population and increasing demand for quality, the agricultural sector is striving for continuing innovation and streamline across its whole value chain, from farming, storing and processing to transportation and retail.  


The main challenges facing by agricultural players include the need for increased productivity and higher-quality, fresh and healthy food. Farmers need to know in a timely fashion when is the best time to irrigate, to add nutrients and to harvest.

On the other hand, logistic players need to track very accurately the environment and freshness of products during transportation and storage. Finally, the food processors need to increase the efficiency of the production and packing equipment.


Internet of Things could help tremendously in increasing the speed and efficiency of delivering fresh and high-quality food. A LoRa-based network of sensors and gateways could collect and deliver information from sensors across a wide area.

For a farm, underground and air-based sensors send information necessary to determine when and how much irrigation and nutrients are needed, as well as when is the best time to harvest the crop.

Remote monitoring sensors save farmers precious time each day. For example, with water level sensors, farmers don’t have to physically go and check the water tanks, as now this information is being sent as an alert and easily visualised via a simple web or mobile interface. This saves time them and increases productivity. 

Temperature and humidity control sensors ensure that storage and processing conditions are optimal for keeping the food fresh. 

Our LoRa Base Station  is a low cost, easy to use connectivity solution that integrates a LoRaWAN™ gateway and a satellite modem with an antenna. Covering a wide area (40km radius), it allows deployment of up to ten thousand LoRaWAN™-based sensors (depending on the frequency with which the objects send their data) which can monitor oil and gas assets in any of the three streams: extraction, transportation and refinery.


1. Cost-effective – thanks to the lower cost of satellite IoT connectivity and of the device itself

2. Global coverage – satellite connectivity is available almost anywhere on the globe

3. Convenient end-to-end solution – our teams create and implement A to Z solutions even in cases where clients lack know-how and / or capabilities 

4. Secure private LoRa network – ensuring your data is protected and kept confidential 

5. Reliable connectivity – thanks to our selected satellite communication partner 

6. Easy to use – once the solution implemented, the data can be easily visualised via your web or mobile application and / or alerting system 

7. Effective coverage, adapted to your use – one LoRaWAN™ gateway covers an area of 40km radius, with the possibility of connecting up to 10,000 sensors (depending on the frequency of sending the messages)  

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